Monday, January 12, 2009

drool and dream

When I got home today, I checked the mail as I usually do. And lo and behold, if the Keepsake Quilting catalogue wasn't there! Forget e-mail, forget mopping floors, and laundry...what? Oh, those piles of material...yes, I'm looking at material!

I'm not even going to count how many pages I've turned down, but let's just say this one has more than most. And for those of you starting to get concerned, I'm not ordering anything. But I did have this thought: If I ordered all the stuff for one quilt every time the catalogue came (which is 4x a year), then when I retire I won't have to worry about whether or not I could afford to buy the material and supplies!!! yeah, I know, provided the moths hadn't eaten it all by then.

Some days I think I should just quit my job and work on projects. The idea takes on a glistening glow, and then Bobby comes home and says, "Not that I'm trying to give you more work to do, but...." and I realize if I had more time he would simply have more lists.

BUT...they had a new t-shirt in the back. It sported a crown, and underneath was this title: Queen of Unfinished Projects. I'm thinking I could create my own design for that and use those iron-transfer, computer print-out sheets from Michaels...another project!!! Whoohoo!


Jennifer said...

i'd like to see you in that shirt!! maybe if you quit work, I'll have you make me a quilt!

sara's art house said...

I love your header photo!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I might need a shirt like that...only mine should say, "Queen of projects that never started."