Thursday, December 4, 2008

so much to do....

If I quit my job, quit cleaning house, quit doing laundry, here's what I'd do with all my free time:
  • Art -all those little idea starters in that drawer? On canvas or paper. Who knows? I might even try one design in every single medium I could think of!
  • Read - that pile of books on my dresser that I keep thinking I'm gonna get to... :O) They'd be replaced by new ones (because I'd have time to finish those, of course!)
  • Quilt - Not only would I finish Bobby's quilt, but every single quilt idea I have sketched out, or tucked away somewhere in my brain, or have actually bought material for - they'd all be finished. Yeah, dear, I know....there's not enough time in a year for all my project ideas.
  • Sew - the only sad part is that 2 of my 3 nieces would no longer be thrilled with home-sewn clothes.
  • Create - I've always wanted to make a cool would that be?
But since I can't quit laundry and I only clean now when I have time or absolutely have to, and I probably shouldn't quit my job, I'll continue to tackle things in small increments. Hence, my December goals:
  1. Sew - finish up the few costumes for the children's play. (Deadlines, aren't they wonderful?!)
  2. Quilt - Get Bobby's quilt pinned and into the frame, and at least DECIDE about a quilt for Andy and Amie. (Realistically, this won't be ready for their June wedding!)
  3. Read - Um, that book our ladies' book club read by Elizabeth George about our minds? It's 3/4 read, so let's finish that thing and get that off my dresser!
  4. Art - finish that one big painting I've started.
Most likely, these goals will fall into the same category as my August goals: to be continued...but hey, I might get at least 1/2 of them done, right? There's always hope. (At least we know I HAVE to finish goal #1!)


sara's art house said...

So how does a making a doll house go along with not being a girly girl? :)

Jennifer said...

your goals sound like mine!!!