Thursday, December 18, 2008

the grinchies

Today is one of those days when I should be singing, "Joy, joy, joy JOY to the world!"
My cousin Sharon is still alive and has shown rapid improvements: she's off the ventilator, has had dialysis cut back to 2x a day, is totally and fully alert, has her memory, and is off most pain medicines.
The Bryan clan is going to Meadow restaurant and lights tonight.
I have my tree up and 2/3 of the nativity set unpacked.
2/3 of the Christmas cards are done.
1/3 of the dogs' underground fence has been rerouted.
I was able to work only one hour late to get everything I needed to get done finished.
I have tomorrow off, and we'll leave for Myrtle Beach as soon as I get us packed tomorrow.
A good chunk of the laundry is done.
So why do I feel like the Grinch?


Jennifer said...

I just can't imagine you ever as a grinch!!! Have a great trip!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Oh, will you be gone this Sunday? I'm late getting the cards out and was gonna put yours in the box....have a good, fun, safe trip!