Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the grumblies

Today should be a Monday. I was up late last night unsuccessfully attempting to load our scanner and printer. Then today, a new brochure I had designed decided it was NOT going to fold properly. So after researching folds and measurements and templates, I have once again worked before I thought and ended up with a useless product that I must now re-design and re-create. bah HUMBUG!

On a happier note, I JUST SAW SNOW! It was beautiful, and I was about to inform our Human Resources person that in Alabama we go home where we belong when it snows and then it stopped. But it was neat to see.
So now I'm going to fold up this stupid little non-working 2009 Read Thru the Bible brochure and work on business cards. Maybe I'll have a better idea tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

it was beautiful....especially since it didn't stick to the ground!

sara's art house said...

The snow was pretty, I felt bad that everytime I told the kids to come and look they could not see it :(

Hope tomorrow goes better for you.