Thursday, November 6, 2008

being bad

I've never allowed myself to check blogs at work before, but our computer at home is dying and I figured I could do it just one time until ours is fixed. If you don't hear from me in a while, you'll know why.
BUT, there are some very momentous things happening in and around the Bryan household (besides our computer dying) and I just thought I'd share them:
  1. I AM A GREAT AUNT!!!! as of 5am this morning.
  2. OUR ROAD IS GETTING PAVED or at least the part up to our driveway. They surveyed one day last week (and how many times have they done that in the last 2 years?) and when I came home Tues night there were "Road Closed" signs up. When I came home from work yesterday I had to take a detour because there were huge machines tearing down trees along the right of way. YEAAHHHHHH!!!!!
  3. I was very pleased to hear on the news this morning that the man President-elect has asked to consider being Chief of Staff has family members who live in Israel; AND CALIFORNIA PASSED THE BAN ON GAY MARRIAGE!
  4. Ten years ago Monday night Bobby and I got engaged.

It seems like there must be something else, but it escapes me. Until my link to the e world is restored, this is good-bye. :O(

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