Friday, October 10, 2008

unusual pm events

Monday: Precinct Transfer Official Training (and I FORGOT to take the dogs to the vet!)
Tuesday: Greenville, NC - NC GOP Victory Rally

Senator Elizabeth Dole (we were in the overflow section at the Stadium instead of in the Gym)

Pat McCrory and Elizabeth Dole addressing the outside audience.

Wednesday: Nursery at church
Thursday: Hospital visit and housework and Survivor!
Friday: choir clinic...and an afternoon visit from Robert!

Saturday:housework, choir concert
Sunday: church
Monday: Statutory Election Training
Tuesday: take the dogs to the vet since I forgot this week
Wednesday: church
Thursday: SURVIVOR and absolutely NOTHING!

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Jennifer said...

ooohhh!!! I fellow survivor crazy!! I don't know why I love that show....maybe because the first episode came on and I was in labor with Joshua. I tried to make it through the entire show before going to the hospital. I would have loved seeing Sarah Palin!!!