Friday, October 3, 2008

the artistic side of fall

One of the many artistic things I enjoy seeing in the fall is carved pumpkins. There are many detailed faces, carved smiles, unusual positions, but my favorite is the creative designs. Here's one that someone spent a LOT of time on:

the death star from Star Wars!
there's many variations of this on the web
I love the fact that they used the stem for the nose instead of cutting the stem portion creative!

Very creative! I would have NEVER thought about carving the world into a pumpkin!
Now, I don't know if that is real food inside the pumpkin, but this is a VERY creative carving. I've found this on many sites in many forms without credit, so I don't have a link to post on this one.

And for my all-time favorite:
I've seen several variations of this one. There's one that has the eyes with slits and it makes the pumpkin looking as if it's really in pain and sick. But that one is copyrighted with a watermark on the picture so I'm not going to post that one. This is close enough.

There's a lot of other creative carvings out there that are just downright sick, but these were some of my favorites. I've only carved a pumpkin once. It's not all that easy. And not wanting to be wasteful, I saved the actual pumpkin and made pumpkin pies, which I discovered I'm not all that crazy about. I wanted to try again this year, but with the dogs I'd be surprised if it lasted a night. That's too much work and time to have my little savages rip it apart or eat it. So I'll be content to browse the net and see what others have done.


sara's art house said...

WOW- you found some good ones!

And I can't believe you have only carved a pumpkin once! Did you roast the seeds?

Richpo the Unmagnificent said...

Death Star pumpkin - Good!
Not crazy about pumpkin pie - Bad! (in fact, it may even throw you into the category of "unpatriotic" - what would the Puritans say?)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Mmmm...roasted pumpkin seeds. Rich carves our pumpkins while the kids look on and help me do the seeds. Thanks SO VERY MUCH for giving him the Death Star idea. He will be up all night attempting it.

Jennifer said...

I love these, but I hate the one that looks like he is sick......does anyone have a good way to roast the seeds?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

With taco seasoning!!! Rinse, let dry- toss with the seasoning and melted butter, at 225 in oven for about 10 minutes- keep an eye on it til you think they are done!