Sunday, September 7, 2008

Momma Power

Several weeks ago a family friend of ours was summoned to the place where his son works. A boy who has bullied and attempted to bully their son throughout high school had come by and paintballed his car. The paint washed off easily enough, but the blasts left little dents all over. The parents wanted to call the police and report it; the son wanted to call the boy's Momma. His parents were trying to reason with him that this was a criminal offense and needed to be addressed as such, as well as claim insurance on the car, thus involving the police. The son's response was that this boy had been in jail before and it wouldn't matter, but calling his Momma would. I don't think the parents were too convinced that calling Momma would make a difference, but it made me laugh a little.
In this 19 year-old's mind, nothing would get through to this boy or put him in more trouble than telling the Momma. And to a small degree, I think that may be true. Granted, I agree with his parents that the police should be called and the Mother obviously can't control her son, but there's something about having a boy's mom see firsthand what the child has done.
Think back to middle school...besides the issue of girls, what prompted more fights and arguments among boys? ...your momma jokes. There's some relationships that are tight, and I don't think the term "Momma's boy" came about without reason. I've seen numerous high school kids get in trouble for things and would gladly take a punishment but "just don't tell my Momma..." They won't their Moms to think highly of them.
So to all my Mommy friends out there, I know you get extremely frustrated with so little time to yourself and the endless list of things to do, but know when all else fails, you're still Mom. You've got that Momma Power!

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