Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hot spots

Prior to a few weeks ago, if you had asked me "What is a hot spot?" I would have responded with any of the answers below:
  1. Any place near the equator, or close by it.
  2. An infected mosquito bite, or any kind of insect bite or cut.
  3. A popular restaurant or gathering place.

In one of the recent issues of World Magazine, there was a brief sidebar about the sun of our solar system, and how for the first time ever, during the month of August of 2008, our sun did not release any hot spots. (Evidently hot spots are small balls of gas.) There is also theories out there among scientists, both Christians and non-believers, that this trend will continue until our sun burns out. It's not a popular theory, especially with the whole global warming mantra being the current trend, but nevertheless it is there. Could it be that the whole global warming concept is nothing more than a screen to blind everyone to the reality that the sun is actually waning/aging and there will come a time as the Bible predicts when the sun and moon will lose a substantial portion of their light?

I'm not a scientist, and I'm all for us being good stewards of the Creation we were charged with caring for. Yet it does excite me when I hear or read reports that seem to tick off one more minute on the clock 'till his return. That's one alarm I'll actually be glad to hear.

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gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I'm with ya! We should take care of what God has given us BUT when He's ready for it all to end- it WILL, regardless of what we have done to make it last. To get even more excited about Heaven, read "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn.