Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the beginning of the last quadrant

It's official. We are in the fourth act of 2008. So here's the list of what I hope will happen:

The demise of the following characters:
  • the garden - while my tomatoes and okra are still gleefully putting out; it's time for the peas to be mowed under; and unless I develop a wild urge to plant turnip greens, broccoli, or lettuce, by the end of this month I will plow the whole thing up and mulch it.
  • apples - while my target goal was to finish off all the apples before this month, I didn't quite make it. But Lord willing, by the end of the week the remaining two buckets will be tres finis and I will be glad!
  • living room painting - another Aug project, but hey, it's officially started!
  • muscadimes - two buckets down, and we're not counting how many to go!
  • the 2008 presidential election - three REQUIRED training sessions between now and the big day; I'm hoping our laptop doesn't crash like it did during the primary

the birth of new characters:

  • pears - oh me, oh my, I do hope these finish faster than the apples!
  • a quilting group - some quilters in our church are discussing getting together once a month to quilt; I hope it comes to pass (and yes, I DO plan to finally baste and start finishing Bobby's quilt)
  • CHRISTMAS shopping!
  • prayerfully, hopefully, maybe just maybe a new SEMI-PERMANENT CHURCH LOCATION!
  • a beading class - there are rumors floating around that one of our many lady beaders at CBC is going to offer a one day beading class. I've already bought a few beads!

There are lots of other things happening, too, but if I write too many more then my head feels full and my heart feels panicked. Onward, ho!


Jennifer said...

i haven't heard these "church rumors" they sound like fun, but I don't have talent for either one.

Monica said...

when they announced the beading class for the teen girls, something was said about one for the grown-ups coming later...I think you could bead! of course, I've never tried it myself :O)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Penne is holding the beading class, I think I heard. I don't know when but I'm hoping to be there. You can all watch me drop beads all over the floor and other various klutzy things I'm liable to do.
What are muscadimes? I just asked Rich that on our trip and he didn't know.

Jennifer said...

I do remember the beading thing now. I thought it was something different.

Monica said...

muscadimes, also called scuppernogs, are wild/grown grapes that have seeds inside them. We have some growing wild along the edges of the woods, then we have some that we got from a farm not long after we moved here. We have one row of green and one row of purple; not sure which color goes by which name.