Friday, July 22, 2016

engagement party (a catch-up post)

The weekend before Father's Day we had the privilege of going to Washington, NC for my niece's engagement party. We had a good time.

Instead of a placemat, each place setting had a small card with a pen. Each person was to fill out the quiz, and then after the meal and all the sentimental, parental comments, they went over the answers. I don't know her fiance Kevin very well, so I had to guess at the answers based on what little I know of grown-up Ellen.

One of the funniest things was when Kevin stood up to do his part of the "thank you for coming" speech. Ellen had commented to Kevin early in the evening (as the crowd became bigger than expected), "Oh, look Kevin. All these people came just because they care about us so much." Kevin's response was, "Oh, no. They only came for the free chicken."

Regardless of why people came, it was wonderful to share in their "official" announcement. Sometime between now and November I need to figure out exactly how many sausage balls come from one recipe. For some strange reason I never wrote that down on my recipe card, and that's my contribution to their wedding reception in December. I guess Bobby will be having that for breakfast sometime soon so I can begin to plan ahead. Congratulations Ellen Marie!

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