Thursday, December 3, 2015

they come in batches

It seems once or twice a year there will suddenly be all these trailers for movies that I want to see. And this last month has been no exception. At this point we'll probably wait for most of them to come out on DVD or Redbox (which we've still never used).  But here's my list:

Mockingjay2: I must say I enjoyed the books so much better than the previous movies. Maybe because my mind can somewhat not envision the violence while reading. That's not an option in a movie. But I do want to see the ending of this series. I've come this far, might as well finish the race.

33: I grew up in a coal mining community. I remember the strikes, the layoffs, the fear in people's eyes. I remember the stories, overhearing people talking to my father, their pastor, about their fears and nightmares, but feeling there was no other way to support their families. I remember when this event happened, and praying. It's every coal mining community's worst fear.

Bridge of Spies: I had never heard of this story, but Bobby remembers reading about it in school. Like the movie listed above, this is supposed to be based on a true story.

The Letters:  A few years after Mother Theresa died, there was an outcry when her personal letters were released, revealing a woman who often questioned her faith and her actions. This movie is supposed to be based on her life story and her letters.

So in the insanity of the Christmas rush, I may call it quits for an afternoon or evening and actually do something that doesn't require me to think or do. That would be a blessing indeed.

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Jennifer said...

first of all, it is good to see you posting again! secondly, I would love to see 33, but Jack doesn't want to see it. Maybe we can go when it hits the $2 theater!!