Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas lights

In the last few days we've driven by at least two houses that had trees or wreaths decorated with either blue or blue & green lights. I thought it was very pretty. I would have never considered blue a Christmas color, but blue is one of my favorite colors and I'm finding I like blue & white or blue & silver decorations when I see them.

Growing up, we always had the huge, multi-colored blinking lights. I remember the first time I saw a tree decorated with all white lights (and bows, and candy canes...nothing else). My Aunt Grancis had decorated the tree for my Grandma White, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. A few years after that I began to see more and more stores carrying strands of just red lights, or white lights, or green lights. When we were in high school, the old faithful lights we had had all my life died. My younger sister volunteered to pick up lights after school the next day. We did go and purchase the lights, and we got ...all white, non-blinking AND put them on the tree before Dad got home. He was NOT happy. Who ever heard of boring ol' white lights at Christmas, especially ones that DIDN'T blink!?! My grouchy old bear muttered the rest of the week about the lights on our tree, but every time my sister and I walked by, we'd look at it and smile. We thought it was fabulous. And as an adult, I have white lights on all my trees. Although, I did consider getting red lights for my Alabama tree (it's a small white tree), but I ended up going with white. :)  I imagine when I go home the lights on the tree will be colored and blinking and it will make me feel like I'm at my childhood home. But there's just something majestic and beautiful about white lights in a dark room. I think I'll keep mine the plain but elegant white. Unless Bobby requests colored lights, and then, well, he might just have to get his own tree, haha!

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