Thursday, August 13, 2015


This spring Bobby found a hornet's nest in our pear tree. It was about the size of a softball. I went to three different stores looking for some foam spray which my parents have used in the past. No one carries it anymore. We bought some jet spray, and followed the directions for dealing with it. I waited a week or two. No signs of hornets coming in or out of the nest, so I was going to take it down and keep. How many people have a small hornet's nest?

When I went back to claim the small shell, I was amazed to discover the walls were gone and a nest in its place.

Today, I picked pears using the fruit picker instead of my hands.

Too many yellow jackets and a few hornets were swarming around over-ripe pears, and the last thing I need/want is another allergic reaction to a sting. But, for the first time in several years...we have pears. I don't know if we can credit Buster and Little Dog for keeping the critters away, or if the extremely hot weather has ripened them earlier than usual, allowing me to get to them in time. No I just need to get them put up so I can get to the apples before they disappear.

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