Monday, June 22, 2015


I can thank my husband for our garden this year. I seriously was contemplating NOT having one, when he hired a young man from church to come over this winter, rake up all the leaves in the yard....and heap them in the garden. I kid you not, my 36" wire around the perimeter's was 2/3 full...of leaves. And then this February, he had it tilled, not once, but twice. So I have the best soil I have ever had in the garden AND it was already tilled for me. How could I not plant a garden?  So I branched out. I've never had success with onions, but I had two in the house that started rooting, so I decided to give it a shot. Here's what I harvested from those two onion ends that rooted:

Not as big as the bulbs in the grocer store, but I'm pleased.
I bought some extra onion seeds, and the package said to wait until the tops of the onions flowered. Here's the ones from the onion ends that rooted. I thought they were actually kind of pretty. And the seed bulbs I bought? I harvested them today, with no flowers, because the the green stalks were wilting and dying...which is a sign of "get me out of the ground NOW"...I think.

and a close up of the bulbs. I wasn't expecting them to be bunched together!
Were it not for Peter Cottontail, hornworms (known around here as tobacco worms), and two chickens whose necks I could gladly ring, I would have some tomatoes and peas by now. But I don't. 

Meanwhile, if all goes well and the rabbit and chickens stay away from the pallet, squash should be ripe before the week is out. :)  Fried squash and onions anyone?

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