Monday, May 11, 2015


I spent most of the day (6:15am-5:00pm) with Bobby's cousin at various places of Chapel Hill. Imaging Center, breakfast at a really cool place called The Eggs and I, UNC Neurosciences Center, and home. And despite waiting and waiting and waiting for the doctor as you are prone to do at hospitals, I didn't get any reading done, at all. Strangely, I'm actually okay with that.

Bobby's cousin is a little person, a dwarf. He's four feet four inches tall. His wife is even shorter. Being with them makes me realize just how much I take for granted. Something as simple as getting in and out of a car is a huge ordeal for them. Usually I take them to appointments, but I don't go in to the doctor with them. Today they asked me to, which took me by surprise a little. His upcoming surgery, while serious, is not life threatening. To hear his wife tell it, you'd think they were going to be moving parts of his brain. (They will have to remove a small section of his skull.) But I remember when Bobby would have certain procedures done, and I would feel apprehensive until it was all over. So a part of me can understand her fears.

About the time I'm getting some things done here at home, we get the phone call that there's been an accident. His (the cousin mentioned above) 89 year old mom wrecked her new car (used, but she just got it this weekend). I went to the wreck scene. Another cousin was their helping out with the local granddaughter, and between the two of us we talked with the police, EMS workers, and I got the privilege of confiscating her two licenses (she wrecked a few weeks ago and the police made her get a new license...still can't believe DMV gave her another one) and accompanying her to the ER. In the beginning she was telling everyone she was not going to drive again and this was clearly God making that clear to her and keeping her safe. By the time we left the ER she was wanting her license and the location and phone number of where her car is. She seemed shocked the tow truck was not taking it to the dealership for repairs, and was only a little appeased that I gave her the card for the towing company. I told her the only way she'd get her license was if I cut her picture out for her. I have this strange feeling that she'll rent or borrow a car from someone if we give it to her, even if it's "just for ID purposes" as she kept saying. I promised I'd take her for a photo ID tomorrow, but I think her daughter-in-law is actually going to do that. I did give the daughter-in-law one license for that purpose (she'll need it at DMV tomorrow), but I kept the other one.

Meanwhile my cousin in FL is at the hospital and having an unplanned surgery tomorrow. Uncle Dave and his wife are headed down to be with them and her sister is on her way to look after her kids as her parents are almost to Alaska on a trip.

Life is anything but dull.

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