Friday, May 22, 2015

school updates

Last night neighboring property owners attended a meeting about the new elementary school. Construction starts February 2016 and hopefully ends April 2017. If designated year-round, school would start July 2017. If traditional, then it would start August 2017. When will the road be paved? Probably after construction. :/  Here's the sketch of the school (currently being built in Raleigh). Our location would have it flipped the other direction. The large section is three stories, the school should hold 800 students, and there is nowhere on the site plan for mobile units to go. 

This is the property layout. Top left sketch area is the bus parking site which will also connect to the future middle school. Road at the bottom of the page is the driving entrance to the school, and is a few feet from our driveway.

See the dotted line along the bottom of the green (near the bottom of the page)?  That's where our property line is...the shrub/tree line, the edge of our chicken pen, the far fenced area of my garden, etc.  See the little beige spot beside the parking entrance? That's a sidewalk the town of Garner is requesting/requiring and it circles along the back of the school property. So in essence, the public will have a walkway along the far side of our property. So we have definitely required a fence. I'm not crazy about a chain link fence at all, but I do agree with Bobby that there has to be something besides our natural barrier on the property line. If for no other reason, but we need something to keep the chickens on our side of the yard. We may have to add a small section once they finalize the road stuff to keep them from darting out into traffic.

And here's last week status updates on South Garner High School. Since these were taken, they've started on the football stadium, but I've never driven around the block to see the stadium light poles (which I hear have been installed).

The view from Hebron Church Rd. Brick is now going up on the classroom bldg.
And the view of the classroom bldg from Clifford Rd. You can't tell it very well in this shot, but the bottom brick is a deep red, and the four bricked sections going to the top are more of a tan brick.
And the view from my sister in law's house, who lives on Clifford. Their driveway isn't  too far from where the turn lane for the buses will go. I have a feeling they are one of the three houses that will be most impacted by the school. (The other two are located on New Bethel Church Rd.)
And we're hearing more talk of more subdivisions in our area. Things are definitely changing.

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