Friday, April 17, 2015

South Garner High update

I took this pictures 2 days ago, and as I downloaded them from my camera, they already seem out of date.
The side view of the educational bldg, from Clifford Rd. I was amazed at the walls going up. As of today, the scaffolding is down, it loos like the stairwell is completed, and the roof is totally on.

This shows the corner view of the education bldg (near Pat's house on Clifford). Sorry for the blind up in the back of the van. The metal framework was what you saw last week. Today, all of the bldg on the left is now walled and roofed in. They're in the process of walling in the wing of the bldg in the far right.

and a closer up of the metal structure of the right wing of the bldg

What I didn't get a shot of was the new building (or wing) going up between the educational building and the gym. I think it's the cafeteria, and I'm not sure whether or not it will connect to the gymnasium. Like the gym, it's currently cinderblock. For a view of it, you need to stay on Hebron Church Rd (headed towards New Bethel Church Rd). They're certainly making progress!

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