Thursday, April 30, 2015

queen of unfinished projects

There's only one cleaning characteristic I obtained from my mother...instead of spot cleaning, I roam from room to room, or else I deep clean - every niche and corner of a room. I guess that's two characteristics. My mother is very neat and tidy, and I think she's a bit aghast sometimes that the child who was so OCD and nitpicky about everything being just right is now so ...messy.

Three months ago I pulled my large sewing machine (the one I can quilt on) into the dining room so I could tackle a quilt top that's been hanging in the closet for quite some time. I figured having the space of the dining room table would make all the bulk easier to handle. When I finished, I flipped the quilt over to measure for binding, and was horrified to realize the last 6 rows (SIX!!!) would have to be taken out. The bobbin tension was messed up and had made the most awful mess I had ever seen. That was a month ago. I've managed to pull out one row. ONE.  At this rate, I may never finish the quilt.

But I needed the dining room table. I decided at this point, it could be months before I get back to quilting. So the machine and supplies needed to go back to my sewing room. I think you might now where this is headed.

I rearranged my sewing room, which meant sorting and putting away and moving tables and cabinets. Bobby came back at one point to see what I had accomplished after a few hours. At this point, I'm a mixture of happiness that the room is somewhat workable now, and despair because I have SO many projects in various stages of completion that I might not ever finish anything. I'm not going to tell you what comments he made, but I am thankful he was somewhat laughing as he shook his head in disbelief.

So an old project which was somewhat near completion is now back on the sewing & cutting table, and the messed up quilt is piled up in a chair in the living room (in case I ever sit down to watch tv..haha) and the two quilt blocks I need to have finished by next Thursday are sitting on a different table in my sewing room, taunting me.

Meanwhile, I have finished another Quilt of Valor quilt. Maybe tomorrow night I can post pictures on the quilt page - if I'm not peeling wall paper off a bathroom wall.

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