Tuesday, April 7, 2015

more info, please!

It's easy to go online (pinterest, facebook, google searches, even Youtube!) and find how to prepare soil, ideas for location (pots vs ground, etc), how to place the seeds, and even WHEN to plant your seeds when you want to garden. But what I seldom find, is how to know when the plant is ready to harvest.

I've planted some onions and even though it's a week, pushing two weeks late, I hope to plant some garlic. I've planted both of these items once before without any success. This time I actually have some shoots coming up out of the ground (okay, up out of the pot). Whoohooo!

But I don't know when to harvest it. Pull it up too soon, and you have a tiny, almost non-existent onion bulb on the bottom. Leave it too long, and it rots (or if the ground, a mole/vole eats most of it).  So what don't all these wonderful sites that teach you how to get started teach you how to finish?  I imagine that when harvest rolls around these people are too busy to blog or video, but it would be awfully nice to have some pictoral advice on when/how to finish a farming project you start. At times like this, I really wish I had lived closer to my grandparents growing up. I think I would have learned a lot more than I did with the sporadic visits (which I am grateful I had) I had.

So if anyone runs across harvesting information, please let me know!

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