Tuesday, April 14, 2015

count your blessings

I have a version of the old hymn Count Your Blessings on my ipod that I love but makes my husband wrinkle one side of his face when it plays. I've thought a lot about that song the last few months. When I was a child, my Mom would sing as she did housework, and that was one of the songs she often sang. In middle school, whenever I complained about things I didn't like or that made me unhappy, she would gently chide me to be thankful for the things that were good that I did have/experience. A few years ago I read Ann VosKamp's One Thousand Gifts, and it made me think of my Mom so much.

So today, in honor of my Mom and my many aunts who were almost always positive in their outlook, here's my thankful list:

  • a family that loves me
  • that God truly knows what is best, even if it's not what I like
  • Dr. Pepper
  • M&Ms
  • the children in our church
  • a husband who faithfully worked and saved for years
  • that God gave me a husband whose philosophies and practices match mine
  • the internet
  • modern medicine
  • freedom to criticize our government or its policies
  • electricity
  • clean, running water
  • Facebook - it's SO easy to keep in touch with long distance family this way!
  • rain
  • the local hardware and agri-supply stores
  • Target
  • books
  • the gift of laughter
  • a church family that doesn't pretend to be perfect
  • music
  • fried chicken
  • a washing machine...that's in my house!
  • the US post office...prompt delivery and no snooping (we grumbly Americans don't realize how good we have it!)
  • outside flowers
  • fabric
  • that a tool like the seam ripper actually exists
  • elastic
  • sunshine
  • strawberry fields
  • Bobby getting someone to till the garden for me
  • a hot water heater
  • quilt shops
  • craft stores
  • shoes that don't hurt my feet
  • people who can cut hair
  • cameras
May your Tuesday be filled with a few moments of thanksgiving!