Monday, March 23, 2015

women at Bentonville

If I were in my 20s, I think reenacting is something that would be fun. And while I'd like to reenact the roles of women, such as the ladies who cook in the tents and work as medic assistants in the field with the long dresses and bonnets, I think it's cool that these girls took on the role as soldiers and such. Granted, all the women who fought did so in disguise (and yes, there is documented proof this did happen), I think it's kind of cool that these women do this without cutting off their hair and disguising as men. I know it would disgruntle the purists (yeah, the people who think about reenactments the same why I think of movies made from books), but it would make many young girls like I was more willing to participate.

No, this lady wasn't a reenactor, but was standing in front of the sitting lines talking to friends before it started, (during the preview time), in essence blocking the view of EVERYONE sitting in my section. And just because I'm a little snarky this way...notice who she pulls for....yeah...the same fans who almost always park in the handicap access lanes or illegally park in HC spots 'cause they'll "just be a minute")
 And now...for the female reenactors:

Check out the beards on the two guys surrounding the girl with glasses...that's authentic!

See the gator in the background? When it drove some older men onto the field for the preview, the Boy Scouts sitting behind me started heckling them..."Hey! That's not very authentic!" It made me laugh a little. The gator driver  also escorted overheated soldiers off the field for medical attention.