Tuesday, February 17, 2015


No photographs from today's ice storm. The dogs seemed to love sliding on the ice, though, and seemed to think it a bit strange how slow I was walking to the chicken pen. And when I shoveled the ice from the edge of the driveway, Buster kept licking me in the face and Little Dog was standing on the shovel. Not the most productive use of my time.

Had a great time with family this weekend, even if the time was short. We managed to surprise my aunt for her 70th birthday, though she kept us wondering up until the last minute whether or not we could pull it off. My job was to try and get her to the church. It took many of us pushing and prodding (at the last minute, that was literally true as my Mom grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the doorway! Bobby asked me who was holding whom?) and scheming. Our last resort, which we didn't have to use, would be that Bobby and I would go to her house and ask for a quick tour of Carbon Hill, which he's never had, and once we had her in the van would "kidnap" her and take her to the church fellowship hall in Townley. For some reason everyone thought that was hysterically funny. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

One of the funniest things was after the party we went to my younger sister's house for her 40th birthday. My niece was desperately wanting a party for her, and wasn't very willing to take no for an answer. So we did a make-shift party. Earlier in the weekend Carly had asked Bobby if he liked "TruMoo" milk. He told her he did like chocolate milk, but wasn't sure if he had tried that specific brand. When it came time to prepare drinks, Carly was reminded that she had told Bobby he needed to try TruMoo. She hesitated, sighed, then got the gallon out of the fridge. She took out a small glass and a red plastic cup. She poured the small glass 3/4 full, then about 2 tsp into the plastic cup. That one was Bobby's. And when he drank his "sip", she asked in a shocked voice "You drank it all?!! Already?! How did you like it?"  When he responded in the affirmative, we thought she might offer him some more. Instead, she replied "Good. Now, do you want water or Coke?" I'm not sure what was funniest...her response, Bobby's facial expression, or Naomi's horrified/bemused expression. It was priceless!

We made a lot of memories this weekend, and relived a lot of memories. It was a great time, and was a weekend I'll treasure for some time.  TruMoo anyone?

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