Friday, February 20, 2015


A week ago today (to be exact) we had the opportunity to see Carly play in her last basketball game of the year. We were a little late leaving, so we didn't arrive at the school until halftime. The games were at Sumiton Christian Academy. I knew where the school was located, but had never actually visited the campus. We arrived. Went inside the gym, and met my brother-in-law on his way out. I heard him ask the lady at the ticket table "Where are the 9&10 year olds? I've been waiting to see my daughter's team come out for an hour." The lady laughed a little and said "They're in a different gym." She then gave him directions. I hated he had to wait that long, but was thankful we met him when we did or we would have missed her entirely!
When we arrived at the 2nd gym, a group of parents with 7&8 year olds were asking when their team would play, and the ticket table was sending them to the gym where we had just left. Crazy!

Carly after getting bumped in the mouth. She reminds me SO much of my younger sis.

(yes, I still remember the basketball cheers from my jr high cheerleading days! :)

The pictures are not the best and are fuzzy, but I forgot my good camera. I had the zoom here at full length on my pocket camera, so I'm thankful they turned out as well as they did. Go Lady Devils!

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Jennifer said...

she is 10? She looks so big for a 10 year old, but I guess compared to Josh, everyone looks big:)