Wednesday, January 14, 2015

some good news for a change :)

My friend and former co-worker, Amanda, is now back home in Ethiopia after being medically evacuated to Kenya last week. She's still got a long way to go and still needs prayers, but it's just good news to hear that her family is once again united and she's slowly getting better. Due to the ongoing adoption process, they feel it's best at this time for her not to return to the States, though they're still considering that as an option for a few weeks so she can seek her doctor here and get some much needed rest (though the plane trip here and there wouldn't be very restful).

And...Mom's visit yesterday to the pulmonary doctor resulted in some good news (by my standards, at least). He confirmed that neither her heart nor lungs are damaged; only the artery between the two is not working properly. Thankfully, this can be treated with medication. So she has to go through a lot of tests and paperwork this next month so the insurance will pay the exorbitant price of said meds. Bear in mind that my mother hates medicine of any kind, often has allergic reactions to meds, already has to take a lot of medication, and you can see why she's not thrilled with all of this. She has a very bad habit of taking herself off her meds when she decides it's not helping or she's taking too much, so I have this creepy feeling that we're (mainly Dad here) are in for some battles on this one.

And the Beatty family now has the extra money they needed for Emma's surgery! :) Still praying for the pain issues, but just thankful the financial hurdle is gone. You can find Emma's story here.  It seems like yesterday after her muscle surgery we turned around at a kids' activity here and she was walking the boards downhill in the obstacle an upper body cast. One of the few times I think my heart has actually stopped beating.

So while I'm still praying for the many hurting and on-going struggles, it's nice and refreshing to hear some positive updates. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train after all.

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