Wednesday, August 20, 2014

kicking and screaming

As the back to school sales wind down around here and folks back home start school this week and the homeschoolers from church are either now in a routine are prepping to start back (even if the kids didn't tell me when their schools started, I think I could figure it out by the disappearance of Moms on Facebook), I find myself wanting to dig my heels in and kick and scream for this year to slow down. I wasn't ready for July to end, and now we're almost to September. I'm not ready for fall activities yet! I'm also not ready for the reality that all these projects I was going to complete this year must now be done in three months if they're going to be finished.

I had a temporary job offer come my way recently. I filled out the application, and after I hit send, pondered whether or not I made the correct decision. I received an e-mail this weekend that I've made it through the first round with instructions on what I need to do for the next step.  So sometime this weekend I need to do some preparations for that.  Since I was not looking for this opportunity, I'm a little flattered and excited, but I will also be okay if I'm not one of the few selected to put in the extra hours for a month.

And speaking of extra hours, all that sewing time I thought I'd get in this fall? It's disappeared.  As in yard work, garden stuff, trips, and housework. I'm hoping to get the basics done now instead of the extra stuff.

August, must you end next week?

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe that we are almost into September. I think time is flying faster!