Wednesday, February 10, 2010

vapors, projects, and food

Yesterday morning I had the first of a two-part class in applique (a type of quilting where you sew the material onto another piece of fabric instead of sewing two pieces two together). It went well, I had a great time, was excited to come home and show Bobby (who was working from home) everything, only to set lunch on the table and be told: "I've got bad news."
Uncle Jimmy died. Like his brothers (Bobby's Dad, Uncle Wade, and Uncle PL) it was a quick heart attack. He took a few steps away from his truck to greet a friend and then was that. And while he was old, it still shocks me to think that the man who I worked with in the garden for four years and cut up with every time I saw him is no longer on this earth. I thought about it again this morning, wondering if today was my last day on earth what would I want to do with it? And the reality is, none of us ever know whether or not our next breath is our last one.
And since I'm trying to refrain myself from crawling back into bed even though I'm tired and sleepy, I did what I do best: I started another project. :)
Those six little squares I needed for more class...they've multiplied like rabbits. I now have 72 purple and 142 yellow. If I ever finish appliqueing all of them, that's enough for a twin size quilt. IF.
And I somewhat sabotaged my "eat healthy even though I'm sick and don't feel good" diet. We had an unhealthy lunch yesterday, and my recipe I was using for a meal to take to Aunt Doan's made WAY too much food, so we had spaghetti and chocolate eclair for supper last night. You know, pasta and not healthy. I doubt Monday's weigh-in will be that great. But should I die today, you can laugh and say, "At least she had her chocolate."

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