Thursday, February 18, 2010

shows of the season

I've never been a big tv person. Growing up I watched The Cosby Show every Thursday night that we didn't have band practice. During the summer I'd watch Perry Mason at lunchtime with my Dad, but other than that, I don't really remember watching a whole lot of television. So I find it strange that there are a few shows I actually enjoy watching now.

Survivor - a friend of mine was an ardent Survivor fan. Our last conversation actually took place after church on the Sunday night of Survivor's first season's finale. He was ardently hoping a certain person wouldn't win. After his death, I watched the next season just to see what he had been so passionate about seeing. I found it to be a great quilting show (one you can not have to watch the screen every minute to know what is happening) and have seen most of the seasons since.

The Good Wife - I've missed quite a few in this series because it comes on after my bedtime. (Yeah, I know. That's sad.) I've contemplated not staying up and watching the show and simply buying the dvd set when it comes out. But why pay for something I can watch for free? I've also tried watching it online during the day, but they don't update the episodes until almost a month after it has shown.

Numbers - Again, this is a show that comes on after my bedtime, but since it's a Friday night show, we get to watch it about half of the time.

And, a show that we don't get since we don't have cable (I discovered it on vacation) and Target had a DVD set for sale is: The Cake Boss! I must confess, I was bad and actually bought this, though I haven't watched it yet. And if you haven't seen it but you like creative things, you will have to come over and watch it with me. But I can't help but wonder how much those cakes cost. Such labors are very time intensive and can't be cheap. And I also think it would be cool to work in a family business. Then again, maybe not.

There's some parenting show coming on after the Olympics that have funny previews, but I seriously doubt we'll attempt to add anything else to our crazy life. After all, if I miss half of the shows from my "favorites", what makes me think I'll have time to watch anything else?

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