Thursday, December 3, 2009

sniff, sniff

This summer while our little friends were visiting us, Bobby and I were continuously amazed at the exceptional smell sensory one of them had. It never failed. He could be walking down the hall toward the kitchen, would stop and sniff, then say, "You're cooking..." and he was always right. I was unaware that carrots had a smell until that day! Like the color rods in my eyes, I must also be missing something in my nose, for I don't think I have ever smelled carrots. It makes me wonder what other smells I am missing.

I remembered that this morning as I started to type the saying "It's so close I can smell it." Please don't tell me you've never heard of that saying before. I'm certain I didn't dream it. If I can fit in eight more hours of quilting, THE quilt, as I've started calling it, will be half-way done. (Note: I'm not counting the binding in this process.) I'm excited, but also a little bit tired. Thanks to a fever over Thanksgiving I didn't quilt hardly any, and this week I need to put up Christmas decorations, which will also eliminate a good chunk of time. (There's nothing like decorating a Christmas tree to put you out of the Christmas spirit! sigh...) I'm starting to think that perhaps my husband was right once again (which aggravates me all the more) and that this quilt won't be finished by Christmas.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite sale papers came in the mail. Turns out there is a quilting machine on sale next week for $300. This is the cheapest one I've seen, which makes me wonder why it is half the price of other quilting machines. And it's also got me considering the possibility of saving and investing in one. After all, if it takes me 6 months (quilting a minimum of 2 hrs a week) to hand quilt a queen sized quilt, I've spent that much in time alone. It's something to put in my consider thought pile of potential purchases before Bobby retires.

Sniff...I'm headed back to my quilting frame.


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Your last post...which I am just now reading...made me laugh. I hate the whole Christmas tree thing too. I too tried to get away with not doing one and Rich and the kids would not let me. So, I made them put it up and they will also be taking it down. Still, I could do without it!!

Jennifer said...

I could do without a tree too!!

Don't you hate it when your husband is right.....AGAIN!!