Saturday, April 11, 2009

silly birds

This year was to be the year the geese nested on their own. No incubator, no brooder box, no herding goslings in and out of the dog pen, no picking up gosling parts from the yard and burying them. Dottie and I put up a pen, and while I don't have the doors up yet, I do have the parts for it as well as the hooks for securing the bottom. Meanwhile, half the geese refuse to enter voluntarily. (They'll go in for the food, but that's it.)

Yesterday morning we realized one of the geese was nesting in the duck house, and the dogs were harassing her. So we discussed options, I gathered up boards, a hammer, and nails, and we blocked all the paths to the house except the ones the geese use from the water. Since then the mother goose has not returned to her two eggs. I told Bobby she's got two more days, and if she doesn't return to the nest by then I'll collect them and pull out the incubator.

Chirpie nested against the house again, and of course the dogs had her egg by morning.

After all this effort to help them hatch their own, you'd think they'd at least cooperate. Silly birds.

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