Tuesday, March 24, 2009

out of the loop

We're in the van, almost home, with the Q&A session of Obama's speech on the radio, when I hear a question that totally blew my mind: Does Obama agree with China's call for a global currency? (At this point he's not because he thinks the dollar is rebounding.) Somehow I missed that on the news. So I've googled it, and discovered that not only is China calling for a global currency, but so is Russia. There's also a group in Maine, founded by a Nobel prize winner, that's whole purpose is educating people about the need for a global currency and hopes to have one in place by 2024. Evidently several Muslim countries have consolidated their currency, as have a few African countries, and then of course the European Union. And with all the fiscal upheaval, I can easily see why it makes sense from a secular, economic viewpoint.

So why am I blathering on about this? Because it excites me. It's like getting down to a handful of puzzle pieces and knowing that with a little more time and effort the picture will be complete. And I'm seeing the puzzle pieces of our future slowly coming together, looking more and more like the Guide. The acceptance and promotion of homosexuality across the globe, the increase of all roads lead to heaven and multi-faith religions, the dissolving of family units, the rise of economic and natural disasters demanding a global response, the capability AND the willingness of people to implant computerized chips into humans, the growing amorality..the puzzle pieces are coming together. It may not be complete in my lifetime, but the remaining pieces are becoming smaller. And it may be that I actually get to see the puzzle completed and hear the trumpets sound when it is. And that is exciting, indeed.


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Oooo....sounds like you're a pre-trib:) Wow. You're keeping me updated- I hadn't heard about China calling for global currency either, but then- I tend to stay far away from anything remotely political. Once again, I am reminded about how important it is to stay up on current events, to watch for the "signs of the times."

Monica said...

Yes, I guess I am pre-trib, though eschatology is not one of the theology points I'm dogmatic about. I mean, we know he's coming, but we don't know when. And we know He promised to never leave us nor forsake us, so even if he leaves us here through part or all of the tribulation, He's still going to be with me. I often wonder about the Christians who died in the Holocaust, if they thought that could be the tribulation period. I certainly would have!