Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yesterday on my way to work, radio announcers Bill & Linda were discussing shoe sizes. Linda had been to Crabtree to get fitted for tennis shoes, and was mortified not only to be told what size she wore, but also to be told that one foot was half a size smaller than the other.

I understand that it is normal for one foot to be half an inch smaller than the other. My questions is: WHY?

I mean, think about it. We don't have one big eye and one little eye, or one big ear and one little ear (not that I've ever measured my ears), or one big...actually we do. I remember now. The ring finger on my left hand is always half a size smaller than the ring size on my right hand. The jeweler said it was the hand you used the most tended to be a little larger. So does that mean my right foot is larger because I'm right-sided and always put my weight on my right foot first?

And if it's SOO important for us to be wearing the correct shoe size, then why don't they sell us a shoe size for each foot? I mean, why should the shoe on my left foot have extra space in the toe? I bet in the old days of tailors when people didn't wear shoes and when they did they were tailor made to fit their fit, each shoe fit the foot and NOT one size fits everything.

Can you tell I'm going to have to replace my tennis shoes soon? And I dread it. I'm almost tempted to try and order what I have online. There's nothing I hate more than walking into the store, telling the clerk the brand, the size, and the width, watching their eyebrows go up, then hearing, "Why don't we measure your foot to be sure?" Then after measuring, they nod, and say "Yes, that's the only shoe we carry in that width." DUH!! To be fair, I'm sure most customers probably don't know what shoe size or width they really need, but I actually do know. Once I got fitted in a proper size and width of shoe, 95% of my lower back and knee pain disappeared. Forget pride. I'll sadly forget fashion. Give me a shoe that doesn't hurt or cause pain! On most days. I did mortify Bobby by wearing my red fake crocs to church a few Sundays ago with a navy skirt. And if my fashion conscious sisters read this and gasp, don't do it too loudly or I might just do it when I come to visit you! :O) Yes, I still have the power to mortify and horrify my siblings.


Carroll said...

Um...I have one eye that's smaller than the other.

I'm just saying...

; )

Monica said...

It must not be a significant difference...I never noticed!