Tuesday, March 17, 2009

career choices

When I was five I wanted to be WonderWoman when I grew up. I thought catching bad guys and throwing a rope around them and pulling tight would be a neat thing to do. Plus, she had a shiny uniform with red boots. Who wouldn't want to wear red boots to work?

And then when I was 8, Mary Lou Retton debuted. My dream of being an award winning gymnast was very shortlived.

By middle school, I wanted to be a journalist. High school came and found me wavering between journalism and missions. Life after college found me teaching English in China. Teaching in America brought me grief and a three year sabbatical where I did some freelance writing and played housewife. Through all the curves and turns our lives took during those three years, I wound up back in school studying graphic design.

If I had to grow up now, I'd still do graphic design but I'd be web savvy and flex between print media and the world wide web. Or I might be a hermit. Not a hippie hermit, but a stay at home person who raised some of her own food and sewed and whatnot. After looking after Bobby for ten years, I sometimes wonder if I really could be a nurse. More likely I would be a pharmacist. But if I did nursing then we could travel on the Mercy ship and travel the world assisting in medical missions. Or join Samaritan's Purse disaster relief team. OR I'd go back to school to become a librarian. (Can you believe you have to have a Master's Degree to be a librarian?!)

At this point, I don't see me growing up anytime in the near future. It's still neat to think about the options we have, and I'm SO thankful I was born in a country where hard work is rewarded and a college degree doesn't mean a job inspecting light bulbs at the local factory. At least not yet.

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Jennifer said...

I liked wonder woman and mary lou too. I also like dorothy hamilton (oh, wait, was that before your time??????)