Monday, March 9, 2009

3 steps forward, two steps back

WHOHOOO! This weekend I finished a February project! YEAHHH! In December Bobby and I found the CUTEST outfit for his nephew's coming arrival: deer slippers and brown pajamas with a hood and deer antlers. We got the slippers, but decided against the winter pajamas. Then a few weeks later, I saw material at JoAnns that matched the slippers! Of course that meant a baby quilt. I had wanted to quilt deer tracks in the green blocks, or at least antlers, but due to time constraints decided simple was best.

and my favorite part: the farm animal inserts (since they didn't have deer).

And while it's still not finished, the nesting area for the geese is much closer to completion. Two dividers are out, the fence posts are up, and I've got almost all of the fencing equipment. Even though I didn't get the fence up before the pond refilled (which now means wading out into the water), all the fence except the gate should go up Wednesday afternoon. I think the geese have already started laying elsewhere, but should something get their eggs they'll have a safe location to use for the second round (they lay until April-May).
Who knows? Maybe by the end of March I'll have half of my March projects completed!


sara's art house said...

The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Monica....I love the quilt!! I so wish I could do that. It is beautiful! I love quilts.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

OH...long drawn out...I want a quilt.

N Verdulla said...

I love the quilt!! I agree with Lydia, I want one to!