Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last week I finally got around to filling up the hummingbird feeder (yes, I know that should have been done in March or April). IMMEDIATELY, as in, within an hour, we had hummingbirds.

One little fellow seems to camp out at the feeder. I was able to get a few pictures of it this morning, though they're not the best quality since I had to zoom so far.

Hanging out on the dog pen (which is near the back porch & feeder)

Drinking from the fake flowers (he'll usually stay almost a minute each trip)

Taking a break between gulps
I keep calling it a "he" though realistically it's probably a female since it's so dark. The male birds are usually bright colors, which just seems wrong. I know that it's a protection thing for the Mom while she's on the nest and that makes perfect sense, but it still seems a little backward.

Monday, July 21, 2014

not a lot of patience here

Sunday morning we stopped on our way to the drugstore for some Benadryl, as every home remedy and pharmacists suggestions were not curbing the swelling or pain from the wasp sting. (For those of you on Facebook, I did NOT use the chewing tobacco suggestion). And I figured day three of swelling and redness and itching and hurting was enough. Time to pull out the big guns. By the time church had ended Sunday morning, I was getting very drowsy, but the swelling was 90% gone and the redness was reduced to a spot about the size of a dollar bill. I've been pumping it every 4-6 hours, and am noticing a steady improvement. But there's not a lot of patience on my part. I want this red itchy spot gone like YESTERDAY.

We were laughing about the irony of the fact I cleaned out the medicine cabinet two weeks ago. Everything out of date was tossed. And I tossed almost a whole package of Benadryl that I bought about 4 years ago when one of the boys cutting grass got stung (and like me, he has "mild" reactions to them) and it's not been used since. It's probably been 8 years since the last time I was stung (and that one was by a wasp, not a yellow jacket), and I will be perfectly okay if I never, ever get stung again.

As for home remedies, I will say this. Everyone has a different body chemistry, and what works for one person might not work for another person. I will say the cream with ammonia in it did the best for stopping the itch, though the smell about makes me sick. It's even worse than boiling the vinegar mixture for canning pickles. UGH!

Today I'm rejoicing that there's no swelling, at all, and I only have a red oval about the size of four quarters, and even that is breaking up into small bumps. :) Progress. (Even though I must admit I was disappointed to wake up and see it still there.)

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

several posts in one

Anyone else having issues with google blogger? Due to some computer issues, we switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome for internet connection, and ever since, I've not been able to post. I can read my blog and see the blog feed for other blogs I read, but once I click on Post, all I get is a blank page. So tonight I have a little extra time, and decided to try Internet Explorer again...and it works. Go figure.  So here's a brief week in review:

Tuesday - up at 3:30 am and so we can both be ready and have breakfast before Election Day begins. What should have been a simple and easy day (low turnout, as is the case with most local elections), turned out to be eternally long as people got careless, didn't follow their checklists, and resulted in a drive to downtown Raleigh when I should have been at home. We eat supper at home at 10:35pm. And thanks to the disability lifestyle we live, we weren't in the bed until midnight. I jokingly said we should stay up three more hours just so we could say we'd been up a full 24 hours.

Wednesday - laundry and housework day...and I'm still not caught up!

Thursday - yardwork. While weed-eating, I got stung by a yellow jacket. I have mild allergic reactions to wasp and yellow jacket stings. And this is what a "mild" allergic reaction looks like:
According to webmd.com, my whole leg could swell and it would still be classified as a "mild" reaction.  And yes, I do know all the warning signs for a serious reaction, and know to advance to the nearest urgent care/dr's office/call 911 (whatever can happen within 10 minutes) without passing go or collecting $200 should any of those signs appear.

And en route home from Target Pharmacy (to get Benadryl cream and talk to the pharmacist for verification purposes), we had to check out the progress of South Garner High:

one of the views from Hebron Church Rd.

New Bethel Church Rd.

and you can now see the houses on Hebron Church Rd from New Bethel Church Rd.

And yes, I'm aware the pictures are blurry...I didn't ask my driver to slow down. I'm sure he would have obliged had I asked (whether grudgingly or gratefully I don't know), but seeing as he's assumed the responsibility of letting the chickens out in the mornings and locking them up in the evenings without me asking him to and it was getting towards that time to get them in, I decided it would be inconsiderate of me to ask. :)

Friday -  Quilts of Valor Day at Bernina World of Sewing. I wasn't quite feeling up to par today, so I was late getting there and stayed late (for some reason I was thinking it ended at 3 and I stayed until 2, only to get home and discover I had 1pm on the calendar...oops!), and after resting a bit I tackled some housework and errands (with supper at our spot...El Dorado) and am trying to get a few things lined up for tomorrow....the Raleigh Coin show, and maybe the Antique Show as well...maybe.

And that wraps up this crazy but productive week.