Tuesday, November 11, 2014

has it really been a month?

It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since I last blogged.  So what's been happening?

  • My Mom had surgery, so we made a quick trip to AL to be there and help out.
  • I had a unique opportunity to teach training classes for poll workers for the upcoming election.
  • Worked an election...and I think I'm getting too old for a 20 hour work day. I'm just now starting to bounce back.
  • Planned the kids quarterly activity at church.
  • Got a new cell phone.
  • Tried to organize the kids' Christmas program at church (and that one's on-going!)
  • Have cut grass for the LAST time in 2014! :)
  • Ended the garden (though still have some clean-up to do)
  • Started picking up pecans
  • Keeping up with women's Bible Study at church (first time I've succeeded and will finish the book on time!)
  • Started my woefully behind Christmas shopping (not only am I usually a year-round shopper, but my family only gets one holiday together a year and we try to celebrate it all then...so this year we'll have Christmas the night after Thanksgiving!)
  • Have babysat 4 days in the last 2 weeks
  • Am STILL working on a quilt for great-niece Natalie Joy who debuted last week
  • and normal life
Meanwhile prayers are still going up for the Lewis and Wyatt families. Cancer stinks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

sometimes we laugh; sometimes we cry

This is my last week of teaching classes for the upcoming election, and I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Yesterday, I walked among some of the students during an exercise. Mind you, the class is 2/3 over. A fellow coordinator leaned over her table, took me by the hand, and told me she loved my new blouse. I was baffled, but said "thanks". I asked her how she knew it was new, and she said "You're still wearing your tags."
Yes, in my haste that morning, I had grabbed a shirt from the closet I bought on clearance last year, ironed it, wore it, taught in it...and I was still wearing the tag.  We tore the tag off, and class went on.

Last night, I was disheartened to read news reports out of Houston, TX. It still bothers me so much that I don't even want to post it here.

But I will say this, America is not the same country I learned to love growing up. And it breaks my heart.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

and WHO is footing this bill?

While we were in AL for Mom's surgery a few weeks ago, my sister shared that at the age of 14, children have to sign a waiver for their parents to stay in the room with them during the exam or to see their charts or receive health information on their child from the doctor.

Yes, you read that correctly. At age FOURTEEN.

As in, they are not legally old enough to drive. Most boys do not even have facial hair. They cannot work part-time at a fast food place. They cannot drop out of school.

And yet, our country thinks they are old enough to make their own medical decisions, even though they cannot pay their own medical bills yet.

I'm still aghast.

On a slightly funnier note, my sister said on the way out of the office, my nephew wasn't slouching. His head was up high, his shoulders pulled back. And what was he so happy about? He didn't have to accept a shot if he didn't want one. To him, that's what making his own medical decisions was all about.  We all laughed about that, but it scares me that our laws place such a responsibility on children who are simply not ready for that.

I've heard from Moms who've encountered this with their daughters, and it seems that female doctors are stricter on enforcing this, sometimes going as far as asking Moms to leave the room so the daughter can give consent/rejection in private, or to ask about "personal" issues. Many Moms have simply walked out of the office with daughter in tow. I think I would have to remind the doctor as the one footing the bill, I had every right to know what was happening to my ward.

Parents can go to jail for a truant child. Parents can be charged for underage drinking, even if they weren't aware it was happening (usually in the case of a death). And yet, parents need their child's permission to be present when seeing a doctor?

I think our country has lost the vast majority of its common sense.