Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sometimes there are no words

In my dream world, there would be no problems. Everything would always be clean and organized, there would be no pain, and no laundry. We could just go swimming in our clothes and come out majestically clean. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Many years ago a group of ladies read a book titled, The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O'Martin. At first, I was skeptical. She started out the book talking about how terrible her marriage was, and how learning to really pray for her husband changed her marriage (not him, but how she viewed him and herself).  My marriage was and is fine, but the later chapters did force me to think about how seldom I prayed for Bobby in depth. Not just a "God be with Bobby today", but "Lord, give him wisdom in his meeting, help him find the right words to speak, grant him favor with that grouchy attorney during the meeting, etc"  And I found that as I prayed more specifically, I became a little more patient and caring about his needs. (Well, at least I was more aware of what he was facing sometimes.)

Even now, in depth prayer is not something I do all that well. My Mom was the master of praying without ceasing...mentioning quick requests out loud as she moved from task to task. But sometimes, I find myself not really knowing what to say..."God, give him wisdom and discernment" can only be said so many times before it sounds like a mantra. When we're faced with those life situations that inevitably come and we simply don't know what the correct action is, "Lord help!" doesn't seem all that deep, though I know He understands and gets it. Sometimes there just aren't words to describe the thoughts and feelings rumbling around in our hearts, heads, and lives.  And in these times, I'm thankful that God is sovereign, and that He understands the thoughts and intents of our hearts. He hears me, even when I can't get the words out.  And I have no words to describe how incredible and humbling that is.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Last year we bought three PawPaw trees from a man in Raleigh. I put them outside, on the ramp, to get some sun for a few hours. When I returned home from running errands, the dirt was all over the ramp, and the small seedlings were in the yard...with dry roots. I was sick, and so mad at our dog. I was ablee to replant two, one of which died almost immediately, and the other survived for several months. I kept watering it, hoping it was just dormant, and was thrilled beyond measure last week to see this:
 Of course, this would have been even more wonderful had I seen it three weeks earlier when I ordered two replacement plants, and not within an hour after planting those small trees. But still, I'm happy it survived. :)

AND, even though we didn't get the wyandottes we hoped for last week, I had a surprise for me at Hudson's this morning: Welsummers! (which are supposed to lay dark chocolate brown- colored  eggs)

 And an Ameraucauna (that lays light blue or eggs) and a Rhode Island Red, which we went for:

And all four birds (Welsummer, Red, Ameraucauna, Red).  The Welsummer and Ameracauna we got for their egg color, the Reds for their prolific egg laying. Next week, if all goes well, we'll add two leghorns (which lay white eggs) and two Marans (which lay almost black eggs).

Now just waiting for gosling eggs 1-3 to hatch. :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

more than a little late

Grape vines are supposed to be pruned in February/March. I started mid-March, have finally finished, and am now half-way through cleaning up the mess. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow. I will say that the vines have been "weepier" this year than normal, but I'm not to concerned as two other grape owners have said the same thing. I don't know whether or not the amount of rain we've had this winter has anything to do with it or not, but I'm hoping that means we'll have a good crop this year (which  is crazy as we eat less jelly every year and I've yet to find a grape juice recipe I like).

And since pruning is pruning is pruning is pruning and doesn't change, here's a link to pictures from a previous year (if have that crazy desire to see).


And this year, I'm not making vine wreaths, but am simply hauling the stuff into the small wooded area along the fence line that last year I thought we were going to clean out (until someone hauled the debris we had spent weeks cleaning there and kind of defeated the whole purpose). But if anyone wants the vines, you're more than welcome to them.